Reaching goals
Reaching goals together.

Our attorneys...

… were among the best even as students and achieved outstanding final grades before they joined us. We are happy if we can see that our applicants have valued employment law in their previous development and perhaps have even written a doctoral thesis on an employment-law topic. Another achievement that will earn bonus points from us is academic work in a university employment-law department.

If you would like to join us as an experienced attorney, we would expect you to have consistently specialised in employment law and have solid experience of consultancy in both individual and collective employment law.

We expect all our colleagues to have the declared goal of qualifying as Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht as their goal (unless they have already qualified). On the way to this goal and in your further personal legal targets we will of course support you to the best of our powers (see also at

In addition to legal qualifications, there is another aspect we look for in our future attorneys: you must be a good team player. We are a close-knit community, an ambitious and successful team. So we are looking for colleagues who will pull together with us, with whom we enjoy working every day and whose company we enjoy away from the office: at lunch, at team events, at our summer party, at our big Christmas party or simply having a beer together after work.

Your career with us ...

… starts as an associate. In your first years of work, you acquire the tools you need to be an established lawyer and a sought-after contact person in employment law. This naturally includes excellent knowledge of the law, completing training to be a Certified Employment-Law Specialist and also soft skills, for example skilful negotiating or assured social interaction with clients.

From your fourth year as an attorney and after passing the Certified Specialist course, you will be a senior associate and can develop your client work on your own responsibility. You will join in the work guiding our trainees and your partner will gradually position you as a contact person for our clients. At the same time we expect more external visibility, for example in the form of posts to our blog or other publications.

As a counsel you will have had at least five years' practice, have qualified as a Certified Specialist and be handling your clients, your projects and your colleagues self-reliantly and with great dedication. You will be well integrated among the partners and will be strongly committed to in-house attorney training. At this time you will also be developing your own business case.

At KLIEMT HR Lawyers, the position of principal counsel is the necessary intermediate step on the path to partnership. Since you are personally responsible for managing your client matters and projects, show entrepreneurial thinking and action, enjoy a high level of acceptance from clients and partners and demonstrate above-average commitment, we are confident that you can be a partner in future. As a principal counsel, you already routinely attend partners' meetings and are involved in the firm's decision-making processes.

To be a member of the partnership, you will not only have a minimum of seven years' practice, but also an excellent reputation among clients and partners. You will now assume extensive administrative duties and support our firm actively in your strategic continuing professional development. As a partner, we have confidence that you can develop and extend successful and long-lasting client relationships.

Our trainees ...

… go through several different stages of training with us, depending on their experience and current level. Like our salaried attorneys, our trainees belong to individual teams and are allocated personal mentors. From the beginning, the mentors involve their trainees intensively in their own client work. This includes regular opportunities to attend meetings with clients or to accompany the attorney to court.

In view of specific types of practice-oriented questions in law exams, we take care that our trainees draft court documents as well as others. In addition, there are frequent opportunities to make oral case presentations, with the result that the trainee also has every chance of impressing in the oral examination.

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