Your cross-border one-stop shop.
Your cross-border one-stop shop.

Flexible Client Working Model.

We supervise your international projects of every size and every geographical configuration. Our goal: giving you optimum support worldwide.
For this purpose we have developed, together with Ius Laboris, the Flexible Client Working Model: adapted to your current requirements. Within the Flexible Client Working Model we coordinate closely with our partner law firms in the relevant countries in order, in conformity with our client's individual requirements

  • to coordinate the particular international project and to function as the single point of contact
  • to create direct contact with our partner law firms in the relevant countries
  • on request to organise further services such as help desks, secondments or task forces

International projects

The tried and tested cooperation with our Ius Laboris partner law firms has already proved itself in a large number of international projects. Here is a selection of successfully completed projects:

Drinks industry: Employment-law consultancy on the merger of the largest bottle filler of non-alcoholic beverages. Employment due diligence, pre-closing advice and advice on cross-border restructuring. A total of over 10,000 jobs affected in Germany alone. Other countries affected: USA, Spain, Belgium and Italy.
Luxury goods industry: Guaranteeing that the employment-law compliance requirements in eighteen European countries were adhered to.
Telecommunications: Accompanying the worldwide group restructuring programme (affecting all continents) with negotiations on the settlement of conflicting interests and redundancy scheme (social plan) and conciliation boards in several locations and attached to a number of group companies. A total of approximately 800 jobs affected in Germany alone.
IT sector: Worldwide restructuring in twenty-five countries, including some reorientation of business, process adjustments and downsizing.
Software: Ensuring that the employment-law compliance requirements in over forty years were observed.
Automotive supply industry: Comprehensive employment-law advice on the restructuring of a globally operating automotive supply company with 12,000 employees including employment due diligence and negotiations with trade union and works councils. International contracting for short-term work by staff from Portugal to carry out weekend work in Germany, including successful litigation at all instances. Countries affected apart from Germany: USA, Portugal and China.
Telecommunications: Employment-law advice on the integration of an acquired group into a telecommunications group (about 4,000 employees affected) including a large number of negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and redundancy scheme. Countries affected apart from Germany: United Kingdom and India..
Telecommunications: Employment-law advice for an international network service provider on a number of international restructuring projects, including the merging of field service organisation in a matrix structure; offshoring of jobs to India. Countries affected apart from Germany: Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and India.
Food industry: Employment-law advice on the decommissioning of an establishment and relocating an establishment in Austria, including negotiations with the trade union, negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and a redundancy scheme and conciliation board proceedings with regard to about 120 employment relationships affected. Countries affected apart from Germany: Austria and Israel.
Cosmetic industry: Negotiation of reconciliation of interests, redundancy scheme and voluntary programme to close a production site with about 500 jobs as part of a Europe-wide restructuring programme. Countries affected apart from Germany: Switzerland.
Industrial gases: Post-merger integration and restructuring; employment-law design and advice on the merger of the approximately 4,000 German employees including a dozen establishment closures and termination of approximately 540 employees by way of redundancy or move to a transfer company; negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and redundancy scheme with the central works council for the whole restructuring (a total of eighteen reconciliations of interest and four redundancy schemes); harmonisation of all collective-law rules and regulations; IT outsourcing. affected country in addition to Germany: France.
Oil industry: Employment-law advice of the world's largest service provide for oil production on compliance, occupational safety, social security law and downsizing. Countries affected apart from Germany: Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands.
Aviation industry: Consultancy for an international airline with over 4,000 employees and establishments in more than sixty countries on downsizing and closure of branches.
Pharmaceutical industry: Advice concurrent with spinning off of an operating area in more than twenty countries including negotiations on the reconciliation of interests and redundancy scheme and international coordination of transfers of business.
Software sector: US directed restructuring in a large number of international locations in more than nine jurisdictions.
Telecommunications Extensive employment-law survey and implementation of current employment-law topics in over thirty countries.
Media sector: Help desk for internationally operating media group in thirty countries on all employment-law questions in the respective legal system.
Transport Management of an extensive project on the international deployment of personnel including drafting appropriate employment contracts and questions on social security and double taxation.
Pharmaceutical industry: Pan-European restructuring and personnel reduction measure in a matrix organisation including closure of establishments, transfers of business, mass redundancy. Eight countries affected.