„An investment
in knowledge
pays the best interest"
Benjamin Franklin
„An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" Benjamin Franklin
Our KLIEMT.academy is open to all colleagues.

No matter whether they are starting their practice in the legal profession or have already taken their first steps as attorneys. The KLIEMT.academy supports all KLIEMT attorneys on their way to finding their feet as successful lawyers, by providing professional legal knowledge and practical training and by encouraging individual soft skills.

Our Academy is based on a six-pillar model:


Pillar 1: Training on the job

Theory is all very well, but even the best knowledge of the law is no substitute for practical experience. So as a lawyer starting your career at KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht you will be working on case work together with the partner responsible for you from the very first day. From the beginning, this will give you an authentic impression of our way of working and at the same time you will have your own first-hand experience of working with clients. Our tailor-made training plan means that you will cover the essential practice areas in employment law and will be given regular feedback, so that you always have an up-to-date picture of your training progress and development potential.

Pillar 2: Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht (Certified Employment-Law Specialist)

You cannot be an outstanding employment lawyer without qualifying as a Certified Employment Law Specialist. For this reason we encourage all our lawyers to qualify as soon as possible. In your second year of practice the specialist course will be on your timetable – of course we will bear the costs (including loss of working hours). At the same time we will support you in drawing up and cultivating your own client list. Our aim is for every attorney at KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht to be able to apply for the title of Fachanwalt three years after admission.

Pillar 3: External seminars

A further module of your training at KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht is regularly attending employment-law conferences and seminars. In addition to knowledge transfer, the primary focus here is on interaction with other employment lawyers from industry, academia and the administration of justice. Of course we also cover the costs of the annual compulsory CPD for specialist lawyers under section 15 of the Regulations for Accredited Specialists (Fachanwaltsordnung), and of special seminars on individual topics (for example occupational pension schemes) if required.

Pillar 4: In-house CPD (continuing professional development of legal skills)

A central element of the KLIEMT.Academy is in-house legal CPD. Every year we organise several training days, on which internal or external lecturers give talks on employment-law issues. Attorneys from all the firm’s locations attend the training days. This allows us not only to exchange views on legal matters but also to enjoy personal discussion and networking with our colleagues from the other locations.

Pillar 5: In-house CPD (non-legal skills)

Another part of the KLIEMT.Academy training programme concentrates on non-legal skills. This includes training on topics such as networking and acquisition, negotiation management or accounting for lawyers. A further core element of the training programme is a seminar on rhetoric conducted by a professional trainer. This is attended by all attorneys at KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht, usually in their second year of practice. We also take account of individual training requirements, for example using Excel or PowerPoint, by offering relevant training.

Pillar 6: International

KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht has a global practice. The KLIEMT.Academy therefore supports its attorneys in developing the competences needed for this, for example by providing English courses, and where there is interest, in ensuring that attorneys are involved in international client work at an early stage in their careers. In addition there is the possibility of attending events of the international employment-law network Ius Laboris, whose German member is KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht. These events include the Ius Laboris University, which offers a comprehensive continuing education programme specifically for employment lawyers with a worldwide practice. We also arrange secondments with our international partner firms for attorneys whose work has an international focus.