Whether outsourcing in the first, second or third generation, international personnel adjustments, cross-border transfers of business, mergers or other structural changes of the establishment or enterprise: together with Ius Laboris we support you in international restructurings.

Our achievements:

  • Worldwide outsourcing and personnel adjustment projects, including project management as needed
  • Multinational restructuring projects
  • Coordination and negotiations with trade unions and works councils on collective agreements
  • Worldwide optimisation of employee representation structures
  • Worldwide prevention of strikes
  • Worldwide representation in court for disputes with trade unions, works councils and employees

Project management: Our clients rely on us and our Ius Laboris partner law firms if they determine a deterioration of performance, liquidity problems or the loss of key clients, or if they are faced with structural changes of the organisation. In every individual project we are in a position to handle international restructurings and at the same time to professionally organise the relationships to trade unions and other employee representatives. Together with the management bodies and other stakeholders we develop restructuring plans and successfully implement these.

Implementation of global strategies: Together with Ius Laboris, we implement global strategies. For side by side with our Ius Laboris partner law firms we are at the forefront in all developments in employment law. Thus, for example, we are in a position to manage attempts by trade unions aimed at using transnational collective agreements to thwart global strategies. Together with our Ius Laboris partner law firms we advise enterprises on collective agreements and represent clients in negotiations with trade unions and employee representatives on a national and regional level. We advise on strikes, other forms of industrial dispute and all collective employment relationships.