Occupational safety

We specialise in advising on local and international questions of occupational safety, carry out preventive risk analyses and implement occupational safety guidelines.

Our achievements:

  • Health and safety audits
  • Risk analyses and accident prevention
  • Accident investigations and crisis management
  • Support on official examinations and audits (for example in the law on working hours and on health protection)
  • International employee training sessions on work protection law
  • Support in risk assessments and advice on accident prevention
  • Representation both in court and out of court for violations against work protection law

Compliance in occupational safety: Together with our Ius Laboris partner law firms we help international groups ensure that workplaces satisfy the safety standards. This implies ensuring that due examinations and risk assessments are carried out. At the same time, together with you, we ensure that guidelines to protect personnel against health risks are in place. In the case of an event related to occupational safety, we support you in dealing with the legal aspects and offer practical and strategical advice.

International occupational safety: It is important to remain informed about developments on occupational safety if your organisation has an international presence. As specialist practitioners we offer local advice and support multinational organisations which extend beyond the borders of national law. In addition, the Ius Laboris publication “Managing a Serious Accident at Work” helps employers in eighteen countries to understand their liability in the case of an accident and presents some important steps following an accident.