Data protection

We will support you with our Ius Laboris partner law firms in ensuring your compliance under data privacy law and accompany you on data-privacy-law projects of all sizes. Where necessary, we can also create the interface to technical expertise, and we can provide the required contacts.

Our achievements:

  • Data protection audits and compliance
  • Cross-border data transfer
  • Support in dealing with data privacy violations
  • Implementation and guarantee of compliance with the EU GDPR
  • International training on data protection law, data protection security and cybersecurity
  • Implementation of data protection and social media policies
  • Introduction and adjustment of employee control systems, for example in electronic communications, camera surveillance etc.
  • Support in dealings with data protection authorities

Public awareness of data protection: Data protection is an area that is rapidly gaining in importance and which holds legal and economic risks for enterprises. Together with the data protection experts of our Ius Laboris partner law firms we ensure that data protection provisions are observed and advise you on all forms of data processing.

GDPR compliance and data protection guidelines: Employee data protection problems arise every day. This is even more the case since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. The GDPR changes the data protection provisions in the EU and has effects for all enterprises which have interfaces to EU Member States. This does not only affect sensitive information such as employees’ health data. The questions of data protection also include dealings with the national data protection authorities, cross-border data transfer, vetting applicants before they are appointed, surveillance of electronic communications, employees’ internet use and controlling employees’ social-media activities. The consequences of data protection violations – in particular in the EU in view of the GDPR – may be substantial financial sanctions and damage to reputation. Together with Ius Laboris we support you in introducing clear and logical guidelines and procedures in order to avoid disadvantages for your enterprise.