International workforce deployment

With Ius Laboris we support you in the international deployment of your personnel. Whether it is for a short period (e.g. secondment, project work), in the medium term (e.g. international assignment) or long-term (e.g. in the case of cross-border personnel relocations)..

Our achievements:

  • International personnel relocations, e.g. on changes to the regulatory requirements (Brexit)
  • Secondments, transfers and the employment of foreign staff
  • Support with residence rights (including the administration of visa processes, work and resident permits, support in dealing with authorities)

Global mobility services: As an international enterprise, one of your competitive advantages is the fact that you can transfer employees rapidly and cost-effectively across national borders. But global mobility presents challenges too, for HR representatives must take account of a variety of regulatory conditions: employment law, tax and social security law, work permit and visa obligations, in each case in more than one legal system. Together with our Ius Laboris partner law firms we offer comprehensive support for the global mobility of your staff and help you to keep up to date.

More than „Brexit“: In Europe, the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU might change the mobility of employees to and from the UK. But even long before Brexit we solved mobility problems all over the world for international groups, together with Ius Laboris. We constantly cultivate relationships with authorities and decision-makers. After all, the strategy of employee mobility is about more than just an employment contract and a work permit. Enterprises must pursue a strategic approach in all questions of employee migration, and they must be up-to-date on all imminent changes in cross-border personnel deployment and sometimes have direct access to political decision-makers.