Compliance, Internal Investigations

Together with Ius Laboris, we supervise your international compliance projects, conduct employee surveys and analyse the relevant employment-law risks. In this process, we work closely with your in-house team or further external advisers and where required we also coordinate the whole project for you from an employment-law point of view.

Our achievements:

  • Preparation and performance of employee interviews
  • Risk analyses
  • Internal investigations
  • Employment-law implementation of individual and collective measures
  • Enforcing damages claims against employees and company officers

Process management for enterprises: People are still talking about the Volkswagen emissions scandal. And this is not the only example that shows that enterprises at home and abroad more and more often need to conduct internal investigations to obtain reliable information. The paramount reason for public reporting is usually a potential relevance in criminal law: in particular corruption offences are often cited. From the point of view of the enterprises, however, it is not only criminal-law, but in particular employment-law aspects that are particularly relevant. For example, employee interviews which are conducted as part of internal investigations are often directly associated with dismissal without notice. In this connection, enterprises need to think about the requirements of employment law at an early date, in order that a later termination of the employment relationship is not invalid and consequently creates new liability risks. Together with our Ius Laboris partner law firms we steer you through international requirements for compliance.