Anti-discrimination law

Together with Ius Laboris we help you keep track of the statutory requirements of international anti-discrimination law and guarantee that you have a working environment that is free of discrimination. This includes ensuring that requirements are complied with and introducing guidelines to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Our achievements:

  • Compliance audits, including audits on equal pay and on discrimination criteria in all stages of an employment relationship (creation, implementation, termination
  • Introduction and optimisation of equal treatment guidelines
  • In-court representation in all instances including European jurisdictions

Discrimination in the workplace as an international challenge Ensuring anti-discrimination is a complex problem for international enterprises. A large number of countries with their own legal systems and cultures need to be taken into account. Together with our Ius Laboris partner law firms we advise multinational groups on all aspects of anti-discrimination. This includes ensuring that guidelines to guarantee equal treatment and diversity are in place, together with a zero-tolerance approach in the case of harassment and mobbing.

Gender-specific pay differences The gender-specific wage differential is becoming a high-priority issue on the political agenda in many countries of the world. The gender pay-gap discussion has become commonplace. Some countries counter this by legislation, for example requiring transparent public reporting on pay. We advise you on complying with this legislation and recommend to you the best way to deal with it.

Age discrimination Age discrimination is also a hot topic: whether age-related pay differences, age limits in employment contracts or age-dependent severance payments or notice periods – we advise you worldwide, so that you can keep afloat.